Special Delivery

Now things are just getting fruity. Yes, that IS supposed to be the same character that was seen way back at the other end of the cable car line. I realized the way I drew him initially wasn’t very well thought out, and I was having trouble making sense of his look as I rotated his face in my head. So, I pulled out some reference of turtles and birds, redrew him about ten different ways, and landed here. Hopefully there is enough familiarity to connect the dots, while improving the character overall.

Of course, this is why real people design and refine their characters BEFORE dumping them into the thick of things. Not here. Nope. With Detours you get all the awkward hiccups and mistakes along with everything else on this comic-making journey. Lucky you!

Speaking of hiccups. I’ve gotten my basement mostly put back together after the flooding. The scanner is plugged back in. So hopefully posting updates will continue at my usual furiously lackluster pace.

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