Zeke caught off guard

It began with nothing.

Okay, there was some paper and art materials. But that is about it.

No story. No characters. No real experience.

Detours began as an excuse to draw more regularly, and put work out there even if it wasn’t perfect. It was me nudging a pebble off a cliff to see what happened.

Clearly I have managed to avoid perfectness.

But a funny thing happens when you start heading in one direction. Ideas build on each other until they begin to take on a life of their own. Before long that tumbling pebble turns into an avalanche. There is no stopping this thing now!

It began with nothing.

Now you can discover mysterious characters, unexpected twists, and a sheep escape artist. There is something new around every turn. Watch as I explore visual storytelling, unlock skills and experiment with new ideas.

Sometimes it even makes sense!

Everyone is busy going somewhere. We’ll get there eventually. But in the meantime why not explore a few detours?

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